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"Located in the heart of Tuscany, near Florence, Pisa and Siena, Montecatini Terme is one of the most famous spa towns renowned for the natural healing property of its waters.
In Montecatini your stressful life will become a distant memory. Here you can enjoy your vacation playing golf and tennis or relaxing in the green parks of the city; moreover, its 200 hotels (booking on line) offer great hospitality and an excellent cuisine."

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Dott. Giuseppe Bellandi - Mayor of Montecatini Terme As the Mayor of Montecatini Terme, with this brief
introduction I heartily welcome all of you net surfers
on behalf of the city I represent."

Promoting Montecatini Terme is of course one of my
institutional duties but also one that I have great
enthusiasm for, in the spirit of the natural sense of
hospitality that characterizes the city. Examples of this
are the long-standing hotel tradition, the professional skill
of the staff in the nine spa centers, the friendliness
you encounter in the shops and public places: restaurants,
pubs, cinemas, etc.

In other words, everything rotates around our guests:
Montecatini Terme as in a single big global village for tourists.

If I were asked to name five good reasons to visit Montecatini Terme, I would answer the question with no hesitation:

  1. The therapeutic properties of the waters of Montecatini Terme, which have been recognized by the scientific world as a natural cure for cholesterol and constipation. Furthermore, the waters are also used for aesthetic purposes in the Beauty Farm 'Centro Benessere'.
  2. The sense of hospitality of our 200 hotels (with about 14,000 beds, booking on line directly), which extends through generations, combined with the genuine local cuisine of the restaurants of Montecatini Terme.
  3. The friendliness of the locals of Montecatini Terme, whether they are shopkeepers or ordinary citizens.
  4. The quality of life, that is experienced throughout the city.
  5. The ideal location of the city, which is 10 km from Pescia (the flower capital) , Collodi (Pinocchio) and Montecarlo (wine), 50 km from Florence, Pisa, Versilia (Viareggio, Forte dei Marmi), Lucca, Abetone, Vinci and the Chianti region and 90 km from Siena and San Gimignano.

Furthermore, art-lovers have a lot to discover in Montecatini Terme: From the frescoes and the decorations in liberty style by Galileo Chini, which adorn the vaults and the colonnades of our city, to the ceramics by Basilio Cascella spread around the spa centers and many more artists who in the early 20th century contributed to making this 'ville d'eaux' - 'city of waters' - well-known all around the world.
Here you are - you can find all this in Montecatini Terme; and now you can admire it all by surfing this web site, even though you would certainly do better to come in person.

The city and I await your visit in Montecatini Terme. We wish you and your family all the best.

Enjoy surfing our website!

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Dr. Giuseppe Bellandi
Mayor of
Montecatini Terme
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